Cinque Terre

Photography is an art,
Photography is magical,
Photography is an expertise,
Photography is all about clicking it right,
Photography is all about the perfect timing,
Photography is all about pure love,
Try it, you will not hate it!
That's a challenge from us.

About EkVira Photography

As you all know Photography is all about passion and about that magic click which is sure to create those lasting memories all set to last for a lifetime.

'EkVira Photography', a completely dedicated arm toward scaling the new heights of imaging process. The brand is inspired from our family deity of the founder who is an exponent par excellence and has created a special place for himself with his extreme passion for this art which is all about those wildest and peculiar imaginations in the mind combined with the perfect timing of the click of the shutterbugs. The founder from his childhood had been infected with the photography bug which then transpired into his DNA and the mere sound of a click and the flash creates an adrenalin rush that sends a coded pulse of foreseeing the image in his mind much before the camera so as to capture that 'showstopper moment' which is sure to steal a billion hearts away.

'EkVira Photography' with every single day passing by is challenging the existing levels of photography and scaling up beyond them to create a concoction of innovation and creative visualization, all in all attaining the superficial level which is sure to keep many guessing about it for times to come.

'EkVira Photography' is worship for us as we are destined to go on, on and on as human tendency is such that it keeps asking for more! It is nothing but satisfying our visual appetite and nobody can be blamed since it is inscribed in our creative genes.

What we Offer?

  • Portfolio Shoot
  • Art Photography
  • Still Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Special Occasion Photography

We look forward to working with you and capture those wonderful one in billion memories which will make you glow with smile during your entire lifetime. So do touch base with us if you adore our art and would want us to be there for you, clicking out those picturesque moments of yours and your loved ones. Feel free to touch base with us on or call us at +91-98253827817